Emily Chu

Emily Chu is a student at Washington University in St. Louis. Pasta and sushi enthusiast. She enjoys cooking and crafting, and often refers to herself as an old lady in a young body. 

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Lukas Graham Wows the Crowd At The Pageant

“St. Louis was actually one of the first American cities that he wanted to visit.”

Rituals of Mine Release Devoted

Out now.

House of Feelings, “Avatar” (ft. Meredith Graves)

The perfect track for a night out.

Elle Exxe, “Sick”


Slow Parade, “Bangs”


Eric Reid (A Prince), “I Need You Closer”

Oozing indie rock vibes.

Isa, “Good For Me”


Jay Pray, “Smile”


Jackson Boone Debuts Lo-Fi Home Recordings

“Some of it is just sonic psychobabble noise collages of nothingness.”

MJ Hibbett & The Validators, “(you make me feel) Soft Rock”

Quirky and fun.

Peals Debuts New Track “Wind Honey”, Shares Video for “Become Younger”


Us Commoners, “Fallin”

In love.

Soft Hair Announces Debut Album

October 28th.

The Northcoast Talk Geographic Locations, Music, and Nerd Life


Listen to I’m Glad It’s You’s New Single “Keepsake”, Check Out New Recording of “Daydreams”


Wylie Cable, “Just Out Here Doin It”


Sydney Ranee’, “17”

Can I join?

Son & Thief, “All I Care About”


Miss Jupiter, “Cosmic Child”

Demands your attention.