Brian Hill, "Who is Who"

Post Author: Emily Chu

Brian Hill has just released a brand new music video, and we have the exclusive premiere. He used to work as a studio musician that would play guitar for different bands on tour, but since then he’s started writing his own songs and playing his own music. The new music video is for his track, “Who is Who,” and there’s just something about this video that brings you back in time.
Says Hill of the track:

“Who Is Who” is the first song we ever wrote as a band, we recorded two versions, one which appears on the album and one as the b-side to the single. The NYC version (the album version) was recorded during the studio session for the full length. Cameron’s drums make it more tense, tight, rushed with a faster tempo, and Laena (Feels) drone-violin keeps bring the song upward and upward. I wanted each version to feel like it had a psycho-geography. When I listen to these songs, they bring me to an actual place. I like to think that the two different versions were recorded at the same exact moment in parallel universes. As someone once said; Like all great art, it defies the tyrant Time.

Maybe it’s the attire of the flashy, slightly grainy videography that’s reminiscent of an old tv set. Either way, we’re smitten.
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