The Drums, Abysmal Thoughts

Post Author: Emily Chu

Just released yesterday on June 16th. The Drums‘ new record is out! The album is called Abysmal Thoughts, which is such a dope name. According to frontman Jonny Pierce, this is some of the most relevant work they’ve done. We had the opportunity to listen to the album and here’s what we thought about a few specific tracks, as well as the album as a whole:
The first track is “Mirror,” and it’s a laid back jam with some underlying intensity. The track is full of build ups, and that’s what makes it catchy. The song is honest and totally candid. Next up was “I’ll Fight For Your Life.” This one picks up the tempo and the guitar propels the track forward. It’s a relatable track and the harmonies are just awesome.
I wasn’t sure what to expect with a track name like “Head Of The Horse,” but it’s a mildly slow groove. the drums and tambourine captivate you with their syncopation, and it’s really chill. Definitely a fan of this one. The minor key of “Are U Fucked” is so incredibly catchy. It creates a mysterious air in the track, with occasional major note progressions to keep things interesting.
The last track is called “Abysmal Thoughts,” just like the album. This one has a plethora of different instruments, and it creates a somewhat disorganized feel, but in the best way. Every element is tied together via the lyrics, and it’ll definitely get your attention.
Overall, the album has really cool and diverse tracks, which is so important in an album. But at the same time, these diverse tracks were cohesive and every track belonged on the album. The unique style is evident through this collection of music, and we are big fans.
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