Xander Harris, “Tanned Skin Dress”


Synths to the future.


Justin Spicer | April 15, 2011

Xander Harris

Synth has long been pegged as the producer of the sound of the future but not until recently has it begun to fulfill such lofty promises. Buried in the current synth renaissance is its ability to conjure fear and adrenaline. We have a movement toward the fright night soundtrack once more and at its head is Justin Sweatt. Through his Xander Harris persona, Sweatt captures the fears of the unknown in the guise of 80s B-movie soundtrack.

Urban Gothic, his debut for Not Not Fun is a loathsome traipse through eerily quiet neighborhoods, desolate wastelands, and apocalyptic cities overrun with mutated perverts of all shapes and sizes. Much like the deranged, Urban Gothic will be ever-present, stalking your every move and making the world a slightly scarier, if not more exciting, experience.

Xander Harris, “Tanned Skin Dress”

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