Mitski releases Zia Anger-directed video for “Your Best American Girl”


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Impose Automaton | April 13, 2016

Mitski Your American Girl

Mitski has released a new video for “Your Best American Girl”, the first single from her forthcoming Dead Oceans debut—her fourth record all told—Puberty 2. The Zia Anger-directed video for “Your Best American Girl” sees Mitski confronting her own self-doubt as a Japanese American who wants to fit into the American “lifestyle.”

Talking to NPR earlier in the year, she explained. “This song is quite autobiographical because I didn’t grow up in the U.S. I am half Japanese, and it came from wanting to just fit into this very American person’s life and simply not being able to.”

Luckily for us (and her hand), the result is this blazing response. Puberty 2 will be released June 17. You can watch the video for “Your Best American Girl” below.

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