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Afro Classics is about choosing quality. Every track must be a classic, there’s no space for filler.


Sjimon Gompers | November 2, 2009

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Afro Classics’ album Classic Rock struck me in such a manner that gave new meaning to the phrase “future classic.” Scarub from the Living Legends and Very of US Pros comprise the ‘Classics duo, busting out an eclectic blend of hip hop that sounds both classic and futurist. In a phone conversation I had with Scarub, he explained the creation of the album, passion for L.A. along with the meaning and purpose of their moniker.

“Afro Classics is about choosing quality. We are making classics, that is how we make music and how we choose what goes on the album. Every track must be a classic, there’s no space for filler.” And classics Scarub and Very provide, kicking off their album “Classic Rock” with the anthem “Rap Fanatic” that stomps and plods their devotion and apropos fanaticism. “We put a lot into it,” Scarub explained his commitment, “we bought up a grip of equipment to make the sound that (Very and I) wanted to make.”

The backbeat production is solid; I remarked to Scarub that if you took away the vocals you would have great ambient beats. Listening to the kinetic rhymes and nuclear lazer-synth laden track “Above and Beyond,” I asked if he was focused on engineering a “space rap” subgenre. Scarub laughed, thanked me for the compliment and detailed his seriousness about his sound.

“We produced beats that stand alone, so when you take out the lyrics you have a solid sound. Also, you want lyrics that can stand out if performed acapella. It’s like the name, it’s got to be classic. 'Pleasure Island' was the flagship song and from there we tried to make everything that solid of a sound. When we had all the tracks done, it totaled to about thirty.”

What goes into the process of deciding which tracks to keep on the album?

You know, you got to be like a coach choosing from a line up. When we made “Pleasure Island” it was like a first draft pick in that line up.

“Pleasure Island” has this futurist lovers rock vibe that’s alluring. I got to say though, “Right Yeah” is my favorite track of the moment. The eerie female vocal loop gives it a real spooked out element.

I’m glad that you brought up that “spooky” quality, it is “spooky” but it is also soulful. I think that is what we tried to do in making this album with our street smarts and wit. That is probably what gives it that quality. When (Very) and I collaborate it’s like that’s going on the record, that’s going on the record and that’s going on the record!

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