Child Ivory with Standalone Single “Angie” Exclusive Premiere


A Therapeutic Hit


Impose Automaton | August 24, 2017

Child Ivory, A dream pop group based out of Provo, UT dedicates the indie sound of the 1980s by combining Caleb¬†Darger’s ambient and soothing vocals, along with dreamy layers of guitar work and a very thoughtful synthesizer tune. Darger constructs his music that is timeless and evolvable with today’s society. In the music, you can hear a variety of influences such as Fleetwood Mac and Phil Collins with a dream pop sound like Beach House or M83.

Inspired by a past relationship, the brand new single, “Angie” is about Caleb’s personal take on independence and experience. He urges you to snap out of it and do your best to communicate no matter how hard it can be to say it. It sends a message to everybody that listens to be comfortable and that you can pick yourself back up again, the song will leave you mesmerized in a dream.


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