TV Baby, TV Baby


Take A.R.E. Weapons flip it and reverse it. TV Baby.


Chris Brunelle | October 5, 2010

TV Baby, TV Baby [OHWOW]

TV Baby is the latest project from A.R.E. Weapons founding members and mainstays, Matt McAuley and Brain McPeck. Despite having the exact same line-up and a shared instrumental sensibility, TV Baby and A.R.E. Weapons are very different projects. In the Weapons, McPeck leads vocally and with TV Baby, McAuley takes the microphone reigns. A.R.E. Weapons vocals are often spoken or shouted, at times aggressively. With TV Baby, vocals follow a more traditional pop structure with melodic lines and words that are more lyrical, less matter of fact.

So where McPeck may go aggro, McAuley turns his darkness inward. He corrals a mix of careless positivity and a self-deprecating bad attitude that resonates a strong emotional chord in the gut. Matt McAuley spits out some of the most engaging rock vocals in years, as his delivery careens effortlessly between intense, modest, heartfelt, icy, mellow, and charmingly flippant. Below McAuley

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