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Flying Lotus
Friday Night

Iglooghost's Nettle Tea Mix

Finding the thread between Brainfeeder beats and the 60s soul of The Shangri-Las.
Fresh Daily

Azizi Gibson, "Libras Don't Die" (prod. by Flying Lotus)

Clearing out the archives to make room for future wealth.
Approved Theft

Flying Lotus' Ideas+drafts+loops

Proving he's one of the most generous musicians on the planet.
Fresh Daily

Mac Miller is Delusional Thomas

The devil on his shoulder gets a mixtape.
Fresh Daily

The supervillain squad of Captain Murphy, Viktor Vaughn and Earl Sweatshirt

"Between Villains" is theme music for doing dirt.
Just Heard

Flying Lotus reveals new theme song for Aqua Teen Hunger Force

It features Thundercat and a new title for the show.

Jeremiah Jae signs to Warp & drops Bad Jokes mixtape

Ain't shit changing with Jae. He keeps on giving away quality mixtapes.

Thundercat, "Oh Sheit It's X" (prod. by Flying Lotus and Mono/Poly)

It's starting to feel like Saturday night in here.
Soul Shop

Thundercat, "Heartbreaks + Setbacks"

Sounds like Steve Bruner is ready to do more talking rather than let the bass handle it.

The Chain Letter Interviews: SXSW Pt.II

The chain continues with Weekend, Shannon & The Clams, Colleen Green and Levek.
Just Heard

Flying Lotus shares song he wrote for Adventure Time

It's an 8-bit, lighthearted departure for the musicman.
Goldmine Sacks

Week in Pop: Bestial Mouths, Friendzone, Heathers, Mobbin No Sobbin', powerdove, Shady Elders

Recognizing and reacquainting yourself with the week you overlooked.
Fresh Daily

Oliver the 2nd & Jeremiah Jae, RawHyde

The free collab-mixtape becomes a limited t-shirt and Cs package.
Fresh Daily

The Underachievers, Indigoism

Some Brooklyn hip-hop FlyLo REALLY thinks you ought to hear.
Best Music

Best new music of 2012

All the treasures the Mayan calendar forgot.