the dreebs

Lower Dens, Matteah Baim, and GOLD DIME at Baby’s All Right

Lower Dens celebrate Escape From Evil with a show at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, NY.

PyPy at Death By Audio

You can pronounce "PyPy" as "Pee-Pee" or "Pie-Pie." It doesn't matter.

The Dreebs, Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, Heaven’s Gate, and more at Silent Barn

It's Patrick Stankard's birthday and he'll throw a concert if he wants to. And how!

Skeleton$ Big Band: The Bus

Hop on, Gus.

The Dreebs, “Fucking in a Pool”

Lovably weird melodic noisers announce tour out to Bitchpork with PC Worship.

NYC Bugs Out Over 4/20

Cruise Corp asks: Can you take me higher?

Tonight: Live stream Greg Fox and C Spencer Yeh , Hubble and The Dreebs

Live from Le Poisson Rouge, live, starting at 10 pm EST.

Sloppy prom night in Hell with GG Allin

Alt-mammals, textile boners, promotional scams, and other adventures in NY Nightlife.

Gettin' aroused at Afu-Ra

Swirly neons, O faces, Drew Barrymore, and other adventures in New York Nightlife.

Kreephaus Records lives up to its name

New label releases PC Worship, the Dreebs, Buck Gooter, Hair Jail

Hugging for James Murphy

Girl-moshing, bird camp, space cowboys, and other adventures in merry NYC nightlife.

The Dreebs

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