wharf cat

Decisions, “Trapped”

Exploring vulnerability through incensed punk

Horoscope, “Bri” (Wharf Cat Records ACLU Benefit Comp)

The grounding closer of a most noble compilation

Bush Tetras, “Red Heavy”

The not-so-subtle art of not skipping a beat

Bambara, “José Tries To Leave”

A tale of American Hopelessness

Bichkraft, “Yonder”

The Kiev-based band weaving post-punk’s anxiety into new identities

Palberta, “NANA”

The teasing sound of your childhood, turned nightmare pop

Holy Motors, “Honeymooning”

Psychedelic dreams of the Old West, by way of Estonia

Profligate, “Enlist”

Chaos at war with order, but what else is new?

The County Liners, “Maria” (Lucinda Williams Cover)

A new band, an old song, to take us away from today

Honey Ready Sophomore LP New Moody Judy + Read an Interview

A damn good sequel

Big French, “I Wanna New Rome”

Step outside your comfort zone

Horoscope, “Misogyny Stone”

Coming into clarity, coming into self with a brilliant second release

WALL, “High Ratings”

Good clean criticism of your good clean social progress

Snakehole, “Bum Song”

A ripper new song from a punk/noise duo from Philadelphia/Miami

Tropical Skin Byrds, “Venus In Fury”

Punk rears its head, uglier than ever.

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