Freaks of the Sea present the single “Brainwash”

Virginia Croft

Brewing with west coast vibes and sprinklings of the sea, Freaks of the Sea present a ghoulish retro video in support of their latest track, “Brainwash.” Following a presumably young woman who proves to be a sea creature, she picks up a beau, and the track perfectly accompanies their travels down deserted routes and mountain speckled backdrops. Listening like lo-fi shoegaze and reminiscent of Lana Del Rey’s Americana videos, Freaks of the Sea soar in this guitar-heavy track.

The band, formed by Alec Berkley and Chris Thompson in 2015, has a knack for the California sound only those immersed in the West Coast can truly produce.  By combining elements of psychedelia, soul, rock, Freaks of the Sea are on course to push alternative tune in the direction of a sincere depiction of society today.

Freaks of the Sea released their first EP in July, titled Mercurial. “Brainwash” is the third of six music videos that the band will release this year. Keep up with them here.



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