Juicing with Meyhem Lauren


The Queens rapper takes us to a juice bar for wheat grass shots and menstrual juice.


December 3, 2012

Meyhem Lauren loved to rap about exotic fishes and lavish pasta meals, but due to health complications and a dissatisfaction with the fit of his Polo shirts he gave all that up. He's on a new vegetarian diet that includes frequent trips to the Veggie Castle II juice bar. As he states, he's no longer doing shots of Patron, he's on wheat grass shots to help digestion, boost white blood cells, and energize sex hormones. L'chaim.

Meyhem Lauren's Mandatory Brunch Meetings is out December 6 on MISHKA/Greedhead.

IMPOSE would like to thank Veggie Castle II on 13209 Liberty Ave in Ozone Park for letting us film and toast wheat grass shots.

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