King Magnetic, “Understand”


A video from his Everything Happens For A Reason album


Andre G | December 19, 2017

It’s hard bein’ young from the slums…

Biggie uttered those lines on 1994’s “Things Done Changed,” but sadly the problems that inspired Biggie’s Ready To Die still persist throughout the world. The perilous circumstance of systemic oppression and a blighting of the lower class has altered the well-being of entire generations, including that of Allentown, Pennsylvania’s King Magnetic. The ascending underground MC recently released the video for “Understand,” the expository single from his recently released Everything Happens For A Reason album.

The sophomore album boasts features from Masta Ace, R.A. The Rugged Man, Slug, and more talented rappers who all come through with verses as impassioned as those on “Understand.” Riding a beat produced by AMP of 9th Wonder’s Soul Council, Magnetic laments how it’s “hard to call an audible when you ain’t got a team” and chides others who aren’t adhering to the code of the streets.

You can purchase Everything Happens For A Reason on iTunes here.

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