Flobots Respond To Logan Paul's "No Handlebars" With "Handle Your Bars"

Post Author: Andre G

Notice to young artists: be careful which acts you interpolate and borrow from – especially if you don’t treat their original premise well. Youtube sensation Logan Paul recently used the chorus from Flobots’ classic “Handlebars” track for his “No Handlebars” song, an ode to his sexual prowess. Given that Paul’s hook about “riding” women was so far off from the Flobots’ original message of empowerment, they were rightfully annoyed at his co-opting.
Instead of merely venting about it on social media, they decided to drop “Handle Your Bars,” a response track. They’ve also released a video for the song. The visual is purposefully kitschy, as it was recorded from a phone at a vertical angle and follows band member Jonny 5 around as he rhymes about “No Handlebars’” triteness. He gives Paul a bit of slack noting his youth, but overall wonders why the YouTuber had to sully the handlebars concept with his “stupid white rap.”
The track is hilarious, and conveys their dissatisfaction with Paul’s low hanging fruit of a concept without coming across bitter. The women discussing Logan Paul in the middle of the song are one of its highlights, especially the quip that “didn’t nobody in that video have booty like mine…that’s why he can ride it with no handlebars.” Well done.
Elsewhere, Flobots just returned from the West Coast leg of the RISE + SHINE tour, in support of their NOENEMIES project. You can see the dates and ticket information for the remaining tour stops here.