Miss Jupiter, “Black & White”

Meredith Schneider

Los Angeles’ self-proclaimed psychedelic power rocker Miss Jupiter (oka Michelle Rose) is coming atcha today with the exclusive music video premiere for her song “Black & White”. Touching on the extremes of her own personality, Miss Jupiter shines a light on dealing with your dark side as she deals with her own dark side, and right now couldn’t be a better time to examine that.

The video itself is heavily black and white, save for light coloring in Miss Jupiter’s own features. Whether wearing white or dressed in a black leather bodysuit, she snarls at the camera, allowing her dark side to peer through. Visuals of tarantulas flicker through, as a strobe light is present as back light for her to dance in front of. The dark vibe of the tune comes out in the video – almost like a horror film – and takes it to another level.

Tour Dates
1/23/17 @ Harvard & Stone w/The Bomb
2/17/17 @ California Institute of Abnormalarts (CIA – North Hollywood) w/Mother Echo

Miss Jupiter plans on releasing her next LP this spring. Keep up with her here.

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