Monofonus' One Sider Series is a beaut

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Soft Healer and Soft Encounter one-siders from Monofonus Press

I got these two beauties from the Monofonus Press One-Sider Series in the mail a few weeks ago. Really immaculate design sense. Really excellent sonic taste, too.

Soft Healer do two tracks, the second a cover of Zero Boy's “Civilization's Dying”, with what sounds like female Jim Morrison reprising “The End” with some avant tenor and an interstellar eye vision on the art side of the 10-incher. Thank “vortex conjurer” Drew Liverman for blending the flying saucers, wood flutes and spiral staircases to the next dimension that make up this slab of galactic screen printing:

soft healer

Sample a full stream here.

The other in the series that I proudly sit in my shelf is some brutalized Ex-Modeling from the wrong side of the apocalypse brought to us by scuzz/pop legends Luke Fasano and Zach Lehrhoff. The project calls itself Soft Encounters (conveniently matching the Soft Healer above). It's a heartless ode to beat drone and offers a gateway to bottomless voids where one can glimpse the end of illusions and the birth of the new skin.

Thank Eli Lehrhoff for the fractured fractals dotting the art side of the disc:

<img alt=”soft encounter one sided monofonus” src=”″ />

Sample another full stream, here.