Our Favorite SxSW Flier Porn

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Every year, lots of things about SxSW get bigger and better and more fun, but we're always trying to keep an eye out for the real gamechanger: the fliers. Artists and designers spend tireless hours creating eyecatching fliers so that if you're the kind of dick who wouldn't just go to see the bands, you'd have a an additional convincing point. Though we've been covering our best shows to watch over at this link, here you can find all the flier porn your dirty mind can handle in order of show date.

Monday, March 11

(Okay, we know this was yesterday—but still! A handsome flier.)

Tuesday, March 12

RSVP to the Terrorbird Showcase.

Wednesday, March 13

RSVP to the Stones Throw + Forcefield Showcase.

Get more info on the Aquarium Drunkard Showcase here.

RSVP to the Pretty Much Amazing Showcase.

Thursday, March 14

RSVP to the Polyvinyl Showcase.

Friday, March 15

Get more info on the Laneway Festival Showcase here.

Get more info on the First Avenue, Majestic, and Etix Day Party here.

RSVP to the Friends of Friends Showcase here.

Get more info on the Aquariam Drunkard Showcase here.

Saturday, March 16

RSVP to the FEEL YOU Showcase here.

RSVP to the Hozac / Castleface Party by emailing here: sxswshow@gmail.com

Sean from TerrorEyes.tv made this awesome flier for our SxSW show on Saturday, which reminds us: have you checked out the Austin Imposition lineup yet?