Reverse X-Rays

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Seen at : Treasury Thrift
On: Friday, March 20, 2009

One of the men with plans who organized the incredible party party lineups orchestrated jointly by Ranch Relaxo (Austin), Danger Danger (Philly), and Secret Squirrel (Athens), plays in Reverse X Rays, a high octane spazz rock outfit with a jungly touch of psych-rootedness. Said man, Ethan Smith (see: dude in blue t-shirt) can be thanked in part for hosting shows for about a million bands too weird or unknown to get what most of the shitty bands that showed up at Austin were there for – some vague moment in the media sun. I don't think the bands that played at Treasury Thrift would donate a turd to the badge honchos guzzling free tequila from their free showcase tote bags down on 6th street, but y'know. Props, Ethan.