The Geese, U.S. Passport Virgin Islands c45

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The Geese, <i>U.S. Passport Virgin Islands</i> c40-something

The Geese was no mere bicoastal coincidence. As it turns out, New York's Josiah Wolfson (Island Eyelids, Regal Degal) and Los Angeles' incredibly prolific Sean McCann were high school buddies. A whole year ago they sat down in Brooklyn and recorded a deeply varied series of sound collages that will appeal to extraterrestrial auditory aficionados the world round.

RIYL: Field recordings from below the Tropic of Cancer, down-pitched goblins, deep space pulsars and singularities that have no sensible laws when they land on your speaker system. For an excerpt, let's stick to the first track, “Calculations Of Indelible Disappointment”, a precursor to the damage lurking in the depths of this c40-something.

The Geese, “Calculations of Indelible Disappointment”