Bummer Marnie didn't get best new music

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Bummed Marnie Stern didn't get a “best new music”. Worried she thinks it's our fault for printing her words, when she went off about how lives depend on getting a best new music stamp. Maybe she got Ryan Schrieber all paranoid and he brought down his real-life pitchfork (minus that sucker .5!) in order to assert his authoritay. What if she reads this? That would be doubly worrisome.

Maybe we're lucky and she doesn't really know who we are, since she told us she only reads Pitchfork and Stereogum. In which case, maybe she thought our interview was just a random conversation with some girl in a cafe, and she didn't expect her Best Coast diss to get dispensed through P4K echochamber itself. Maybe all the hype that surrounded her comments helped make her bigger than best new music, and now she's a proxy for guitar gods, specifically, pigeon-holed lady guitar god(desse)s, who stand in the face of lazy post-teenagers who write songs about cats. This is an important demographic to be defined against. The anti-post-teenage-cat-lover dollar. That's what we were thinking about when we printed the interview in the first place.

Maybe Marnie thinks we're being really self-centered for thinking this situation is about us. Maybe she'll write a song about us, just like Carly Simon. (Thanks Carls!)

Hope this isn't the end, where Marnie goes the way of Joanna Newsom and drops the “e” and starts calling herself Marni Stern. That would be the worst.