Catch Prichard, “Eskota”

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Catch Prichard is the solo project of Sawyer Gebauer, a world traveler who has traveled far and wide to garner experiences that eventually led to inspire his upcoming 5 song EP Eskota. Completed in just one week, the EP is named after the Texas town it was recorded in, a soft testament to his U.S. return. We got a listen to the title track, and we think you’ll dig it.

The song is slow, slightly twangy, and every bit of it is beautiful. The minimalistic approach to instrumentals is a far cry from some of the sound effect-laden material we have heard lately, and it certainly leaves an impression. The deep, raspy vocals flow into the song and give it an almost Johnny Cash feel to it as it ebbs and flows, telling the first bit of his nomadic story.

The “Eskota” single is available August 22nd.