Coco Mamba, "Tell Me Bout It"

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Coco Mamba is a singer, songwriter, filmmaker, and activist based in Brooklyn, NY.


She was originally born in Frankfurt, Germany, to a military family. Despite the fact that her family moved to different parts of the United States throughout her childhood, she considers Virginia to be her home state.
3 years ago, she started a career in documentary filmmaking with Hour By Hour, a web series. She continues to do work in film, but is now also expressing her thoughts and emotions through a musical medium. Her lyrics speak directly to her life experiences. This ranges from the social and political issues surrounding Blackness, growing up in the digital and social media age, feminism, and the usual stories of love and heartbreak.


“Tell Me Bout It” is a call to end of street harassment. Have I ever been cat-called, just walking around? Has anyone ever made me feel uncomfortable in public before? Do I get harassed for just being myself in public? As a guy, the answer is no. Most guys probably aren’t even aware enough to ask those questions to themselves — if they did, their answer would be in great contrast to how most women would respond.
Is society tactless, over-sexualized, disrespectful, or just unaware?
It’s admittedly hard to place myself in the shoes of women who are globally harassed. For me, the solution is intervention within friend-groups and awareness of the phenomenon. But, perhaps that isn’t high enough of a bar to set.
There are a variety of strategies and movements to combat this reality.
In thanks to Coco Mamba, “Tell Me Bout It” picks up the dialogue that may have been lost in the past weeks of political chaos.


You can find Coco Mamba on Soundcloud, Instagram, and Facebook.


Coco Mamba’s “Tell Me Bout It” had the help of a big cast of people: Beat produced by Kid Ocean; Song engineered by Undercaste Studios; Additional mixing by DJ SYLO; Video conceptualized by Coco Mamba; Produced by Hour by Hour & Far Fetched Productions; Directed by Lucas Alvarado Farrar; Shot by Rahil Ashruff and Lucas Alvarado-Farrar; Edited by Hour by Hour; Production Coordinated by Uchenna Nwaogu; MUA by Olivia Megginson.