Cologne Tape, Welt

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Cologne Tape is a rather interesting project out with a new album, entitled Welt.
As an off-and-on collective with no set group of artists, all members are merely a part of music label Magazine. In their own words, they “meet rarely and abruptly”, calling to arms:

  • Ada
  • Barnt
  • Jens-Uwe Beyer
  • Jörg Burger
  • John Harten
  • Philipp Janzen
  • Mario Katz
  • John Stanier
  • Axel Willner

We had the chance to pose a few questions to the collective.
What role in your life does music have?
“It makes us feel like weathermen.”
Welt differentiates its tracks just by a change of number in their title. How did you come to make that decision?
“We gave the tracks numbers — could you give them names for us?”
How do you find the inspiration to create music?
“Much of the inspiration comes from the weather, and its changes therein.”
Is there something you hope listeners can take away from the LP?
“We hope that they will see the moon during the day and the sun at night.”
Anything else you would like to tell the readers of Impose Magazine?
“Please check your local weather report.”
Fair to say their music is interesting, too. Check them out on Facebook & Soundcloud.