Dino Jag, “Two Young Hearts”

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There’s a ton of hype about the South Australian newcomer, Dino Jag. Why? Well, the acclaimed musician was met with resounding international success upon his first release. His first single, “Calling All Saints,” broke records and became the top-selling single in Oxfam America’s “Music for Good” program. He has a highly reputable team at his disposal, consisting of a Grammy award winning producer, Jeff Bova, and a musical team that’s worked with the likes of John Mayer, Bush, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson and The Rolling Stones. Woah.

And now the singer has released a single in anticipation of his second EP, which will be released in November 2016. With all this hype, what can you expect? Electric Guitar. An upbeat tempo. A voice reminiscent of the olden days. Feel-good lyrics. And later-era classic rock undertones. Music lovers or appreciators of classic rock should be pretty happy with this Australian gem.

He certainly possesses an appeal that is far-reaching and rather impressive. If his success thus far is any indication, he could be on his way to a wildly successful international career. Take a listen to his new single, “Two Young Hearts,” and let us know what you think.