Dum Dum Girls vs. Contra girl, who wins?

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Since they could have come from the same issue of Nova, we wonder which of the two cover girls from Dum Dum Girls' upcoming LP and Vampire Weekend's Contra made it out of the alley behind the photo shoot alive back on that fateful day in 1973. See, this conversation already happened, and it was determined, in a way: Contra girl is an alcoholic mess, and I Can Be girl is apparently Dee Dee Dum Dum's mom in an old Polaroid. That doesn't mean Contra can't break some heads with her bottle of cognac. Yes, this is a deleted scene from Quadrophenia.

It doesn't end that easily. Cue Ezra Koenig with a tennis racket swinging wildly at flaming cigarette-wielding Frankie Rose and Dee Dee, fending for his eyes, when suddenly Jake Gyllenhaal's jumped in the fray from behind a dumpster, swinging double whiskey bottles, trapping the Girls against the alley's chain link fence. But wait there's Mike Sniper pouncing on Koenig from a fire escape with an electric shaver! And there's Gyllenhaal and Koenig completely hairless and dragging passed-out Contra girl from the alley! Rockers have served the mods, until next time.

Dum Dum Girls recently released a limited tape release of all their recorded output to date on Art Fag Recordings, called Blissed Out, that sold out in three days. Wait for their I Will Be LP on Sub Pop at the end of the month.