Haha: Jay-Z doesn't like MIA's new song?

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Jay-Z's showing his support with an appearance on a remix of MIA's “XXXO”, repping the Sri Lankan lady and her hot new radio banger.

Sure, maybe Jay-Z's defending Maya against the onslaught of effete bloggers and interviewers crusading to bring her down a few notches. Or maybe this is about how he doesn't like this song, is slightly wary of its fanbase, but will rap over it (someone's metrosexual in this equation, anyway):

XXXO Y'all just so metrosexual
This is not my politically correct flow
This is more like letting that tech blow
This is more like left when you say right
When the world do you wrong when you play right
This is more like pushing that white rock
When the world try to put you in a tight box
Comin' down in a drop with the super prank
Cuz you don't give a fuck what the system think.
Comin' up M-I-M-I-M-I-A
Semi sprayed, you're in my way
I'm gonna be who I'm gonna be
I'm just a boy from the hood what you want from me.

That's pretty much what we want from you.

MIA, “XXXO” (Remix) (Feat. Jay-Z)