Harlequiin, "Melt in Olive"

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For years, Harlequiin has been supporting other artists as a producer and touring musician. Working alongside a wide range of talents and sounds, from The 1975 to Paolo Nutini, prepared Harlequiin to write “Melt in Olive”, the first track of his upcoming debut EP. A track that refuses to be characterized into a single genre, ‘Olive’ blends poetic lyricism with a dancehall beat. Elements of indie-pop and electronica are paired with R&B-esque vocals with soulful depths. In ‘Olive,’ Harlequiin takes these elements and creates something that feels both familiar and
Taking a step into the limelight, Harlequiin emerges with a track that captures and retains your attention with ‘Olive.’ Smart rhymes and layered synthesized beats will dig into your consciousness and take hold. Harlequiin’s vocals echoes over the track, subtly accented by instrumentation. ‘Olive’ is both playful and insightful.