"Have Fun, One Day You're Gonna Die" – An Interview with Vurro

Post Author: Connor McInerney

That’s a bit dark.

VURRO: Yeah but death consciousness is a good thing, you know, it’s like, live today because a bunch of things will happen and you’ll eventually die. For shamans, death consciousness is something that needs to stay at your side, always.

Being aware of death also helps you appreciate the present.

VURRO: That’s right, yeah. I also see the cow’s skull as a musical instrument. It’s very practical for protecting my head when I’m knocking into cymbals.

Can you break down what instruments you bring to your performance? It’s often two keyboards but I know you do a lot of percussions using your feet, and also utilize pre-recorded samples.

VURRO: In live performances, I used SongBase mixed with the piano, playing the bass lines in my left hand and melody in my right. I use a high hat and snare for the kick and use some electronic triggers for samples. I’ve also started to use a modal synthesizer that I made, which runs through two oscillators and delays. It gives me an openness in expressing my energy.

And how would you best describe that energy?

VURRO: I don’t know It’s party energy, rock and roll energy. When you got the energy and you are free, the thing can flow.

Kind of like expanding one’s mind.

VURRO: Yes, that’s it. Perfect.

There’s an element of anonymity that accompanies Vurro as a project, considering your live and video performances are done while wearing the cow’s skull. Is this an intentional choice?

VURRO: Yeah that’s true. For the sake of the arts and creativity, it’s necessary to make a little shadow around you. Mostly these days. I think it helps a lot, for creativity, to just let the project be – don’t get it involved in the self. It creates a distance between me and this character – one minute before the show, I put my mask on, and go onstage.