Here comes Tyvek's Nothing Fits

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Fresh off the Vice/Scion Garage Fest, Tyvek have announced details of their upcoming album Nothing Fits, soon to be released on In the Red Records. Seemed like they were in good company with Motor City co-patriots the Gories and according to certain sources put on a pretty good show. I hear that a lot of Bay Area bands have a fond reverence for Tyvek’s razor rapid guitar noise and how fitting that Thee Oh Sees and Nodzzz would share a billing with them at the aforementioned Lawrence, Kansas festival. Tyvek also has concluded an on and off national tour with Vivian Girls.

And speaking of Vivian Girls, just heard about their big whoop signing to Polyvinyl. Makes me wonder why, being that all remaining members are busy with more side projects than the number of imitators that have spawned in their wake. Perhaps Kickball Katy Goodman’s La Sera project, Ali Kohler becoming chief drummer for Best Coast and Cassie Ramone’s lead in the Babies are all counter insurgency strategies to keep up with the counterfeit replicants of their own design. Maybe the Polyvinyl signing is a legacy safety maneuver to secure big name stability with a large indie player of the Deerhoof/ Of Montreal hype variety while the last Girls standing slowly walk away from the group only to return whenever. In the Red Records will always remain the creative hot bed that will give us Cassie Ramone’s solo record Zenith! sometime next year and more pressing, Tyvek’s Nothing Fits November 9.

The lucky few who’ve heard the album have been showering it with great praise. Check out “4312,” a 1:40 minute wonder that gives you the kind of spins that cause temporary dyslexia. Their numerically jumbled count-off will throw you for a logical loop while the guitar shreds as quick as you can pogo or nod along to the riff, if dancing is one of those things that threatens to compromise your own self-conscious concerns of persona cult status brand. Don’t worry; your secret is safe with me. Here is the tracklist details of Tyvek’s Nothing Fits.

Tyvek's Nothing Fits




Future Junk

Nothing Fits

Outer Limits


Underwater To

Kid Tut

Pricks In A Car

This One Or That One