JIL, “All Your Words”

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New York City based trio, JIL, has just recently released a new track called “All Your Words,” and we’re big fans. This trio is made up of a singer and two producers, and has released four songs to date. Their first full album is due out in September, as well as their first music video. Their sound is strongly electronic, while still maintaining an R&B groove.

“All Your Words” starts with shimmering electronic sounds. Vocals, and then the rest of the instrumentals, quickly join in, launching this track into full swing right off the bat. The vocals are calm yet hypnotic. The electronic instrumentals have beautiful chord progressions that blend together seamlessly and that will make you want to play this song over and over. This is a feel good song perfect for cruising in the car or a theme song for a night out on the town.

Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for their upcoming work.