March's Most Average Moments

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Lady Gaga

Above is a photo of vomit painter (yes, that's a talent) Millie Brown preparing for her big moment on stage with Lady Gaga at SXSW. Attendees this year came up with many pathetic excuses, most of which were their own doing, for why this year's conference was out of control, but somehow the vomit performance was underappreciated.

There must be a metaphor here, right? We're too over it to dig deep for those connections that give the world a sense of purpose rather than chaos, posting the photo seems like enough. Better it be chaos. Better there be no reason for neon vomit ever; let it simply be. We look at that photo, her fingers plunging deep into her throat, and we are flushed with empathy. As you look through this month's Most Average Moments, keep the above photo in mind, and know that we want to chuck rainbow vomit from our own mouths over all of this—for the sake of art, of course. Will you hold our hair?