Mark Stoermer (ft. Adan Jodorowsky), “Blood and Guts”

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Paying tribute to the frailty of life, “Blood and Guts” is a mini rock opera, often channeling dark undertones. Drawing their core influence from the Rembrandt work, The Anatomy Lesson, Mark Stoermer leads a compelling exploration of the human mind and body. Dark Arts is Stoermer’s second full-length album, which he quips “was much more adventurous with the guitar and voice.”

Soaked in sixties psychedelic foundations, “Blood and Guts” is commanded by incredible bass-lines and supplemented with eerily paced vocals. Fascination with the human anatomy ultimately shifting to a ritualistic cannibalism, posing the lyrical question of “blood and guts / is that all we are”? As a gore-filled, existential crisis, “Blood and Guts” is a full-blown illustration of life’s unanswerable questions.

Mark Stoermer is on Twitter, and Dark Arts is available on iTunes and Spotify.