Misty Coast, "Heavy Head On A Body"

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Misty Coast may be a side project of Linn Frøkedal and Richard Myklebust, but champion a minimalistic, dreamy psy-pop. Drawing inspiration from an appreciation of contrasting things, the group actively challenges listeners with a “less-is-more” approach. Their release is the first song they recorded together.

Here’s what the duo had to say about their new song, “Heavy Head On A Body”:

“You know when you are dreaming something really horrible, and in your dream you are praying for it not to be real. You tend to wake up feeling very relieved. [The song] describes moments like these, but instead of waking up relieved, you realize you’ve been awake the whole time. Reality bites, and instead of challenging these rough days, you turn passive and keep hiding away while you constantly watch the clock or search for a way to press fast forward.”


To us, it doesn’t seem as though this is the first join-venture of this duo.

The haunting, atmospheric creation of Frøkedal and Myklebust ought to be indicative of a greater connection between the two. “Heavy Head On A Body” fills the room with their stripped down minimalism, which is an accomplishment in itself. Their ‘less is more’ formula plays out by actually doing more, and it being interpreted as simply less — talk about meta.


You can find the duo of Misty Coast both on Facebook and Soundcloud.