Mt. Joy, "Cardinal"

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The story of how Mt. Joy came to be seems like proof that if things were meant to be, they will. 2 of the members, Sam Cooper and Matt Quinn, met in high school and started playing music together. While they both went their separate ways after high school, they both ended up in LA a little while later and created music together once more in their spare time. They soon separated again to pursue their careers, but after their first single gained popularity, the duo decided to pursue music full time together. Joined by Michael Byrne, Sotiris Eliopoulos, and Andrew Butler, Mt. Joy as you know it today was born.
Their latest offering is a track called “Cardinal,” and it was released in late April. The track starts out with soothing whistles and soft guitar. Relaxed vocals float over the instrumental and the delicate harmonies create a serene feeling. The song is a beautiful and happy masterpiece, perfect for relaxing in the summertime and enjoying life as it comes. You’ll forget the rest of the world as you hear them sing, “everything’s exactly where it needs to be…”

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