Odd Future bullshit a Christmas Song

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Odd Future

All we want for Christmas is Earl to rejoin his Odd Future droogies, but we'll settle for an Earl verse that was probably from a recording session before he was sent away.

OFWGKTA posted “Fuck This Christmas,” which is a creeping, opiate drenched, R&B banger featuring verses from Earl and Tyler, while Hodgy Beats croons about a stingy Christmas with no presents or cranberry sauce. It's funny for about five listens.

Tis the season and whatnot, if you want to do some good will towards men, we'll take one of those rad Missing. Have You Seen Me? Earl shirts. Our size is X-Medium.

OFWGKTA might have a few at its Bad Santa show tonight at The Roxy. It's going to be swagged out and terrifying as it's another all ages event – journos needn't RSVP.

Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler The Creator and Hodgy Beats, “Fuck This Christmas”