Sam Ritchie Takes us Through His Top 5 Miles Davis Tracks

Post Author: Impose Automaton

The U.K Hitmaker and festival favorite, takes us through his favorite tracks from the Jazz legend.

Sam and The Womp are a group that’s unafraid of pushing the envelope. Their catalog spans from dub to Drum N Bass to big brass-fueled Balkan Funk and beyond.
Their backgrounds in jazz and experimental songwriting is what fuels today’s desire to push the boundaries of music. Since university the duo of Bloom de Wilde and Sam Ritchie have been involved in experimental bands and events companies, showcasing the weird and the wonderful.
Eventually, the duo struck gold with the worldwide smash hit ‘Bom Bom’, but the pair has always stayed true to their roots in Jazz and experimental music. Songwriter Sam Ritchie cites the legendary Miles Davis as a key influence in his musical heritage. So we asked him to deliver us his top 5 tracks from the brass legend if only to educate us further.
1. Footprints (Miles Smiles)
With ‘Footprints’ (miles smiles) loving the 6/8 vibes and moving seamlessly into 4/4 in the solos. Great Wayne Shorter composition.
2. All Blues (kind of Blue)

I’ve picked ‘All Blues’ from the timeless and probably most famous 1959 album ‘Kind of Blue’ to show his cool modal side.
3. Shhh Peaceful (In A Silent Way)

This is one of my favorites and perfect for meditating. This style of compositional improvisation is influenced by Indian music and the album leads the way to his more famous album the following year, Bitches Brew

An amazing Gill Evans big band arrangement of the famous guitar concerto where Miles shows his love for Spanish and gypsy flavors.

This is seriously funky and is especially good when driving. Love the wah-wah effect on the trumpet.
Sam & The Womp have just shared their video for Posh Ragga, keep up with their new music and tour dates on their website.