Vladimir Putin finds his thrill

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Vladimir Putin, in Russia

If you thought he was good at using mobs of right-wing fascist teenagers to persecute journalists, ruling over an unyielding kleptocracy, or driving up the price of blonde hair extensions, just listen to him sing Blueberry Hill!

The Gray Lady notes that “Sharon Stone, Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Kevin Costner, Gerard Depardieu and Mickey Rourke” all witnessed this, at a benefit concert in St. Petersburg for children with cancer. No doubt all of those kids ears' perked up at the sound of a 70 year-old, American standard. How does Putin stay so fresh? He must have a red telephone/hotline to the offices of Readers' Digest.

It's also worth asking: would the Kurt Russell of Backdraft politely clapped to this diplomatic insult? Can you imagine Captain Ron suffering through 4 minutes of this? I can see Bono eating this up but Kurt, baby, why?

Additionally, a Russian politico “who insisted on anonymity told Reuters after Mr. Putin's gig, 'Medvedev will now have to learn to play saxophone.'” HAHA get it? Just like Bill Clinton! It seems that this gent forgot that Putin's previous #1 single, “The Spicy Tuna Roll (Is Radioactive)”