Week in Pop: Bruiser Queen, Fielded, Telethon

Post Author: Sjimon Gompers


The latest developments from RBTS WIN; photographed by Matt Lief Anderson.

From the King Summer EP, Palm Sunday & more; RBTS WIN present a first listen to their just released album Sensitivity Kit available now courtesy of Fevered Visions/Tidal Prism where the shift from sample obsessed arrives at an alchemy that finds the trio embarking upon their own brand of autonomous audio aesthetics. The group channels a more charged electronic arsenal of instruments, components & gadgets of sharpened instrumentation to create a full-length centered around the notion of peace & love for all humankind. Keyboardist & producer Javier Bolea introduced the creative processes with the following thoughts:

We found that the most exciting pieces of music we’ve been into lately have been the space between the sounds, the silence/air between sections. So we focused on simplifying the instrumentation, at times using only noise, 808s, and vocals. Or just drums, a synth, and vocals, etc.. Really letting the space carry the feeling for the record. Maybe it’s all in our heads or way too subtle but that was the inspiration. I think those are the moments your heart sinks into your stomach.

The Asheville, North Carolina trio offers up electronic lullabies & hymns to help forward ourselves toward a more hopeful future of compassion & love. Portraits of progress are recalled by Cliff B. Worsham in the melancholic sing-a-long style of “Pictures of Me”, where washes of dissonant guitars open up toward keys that desire to be as flighty as the wings of a dove on “I Want To Be (Freedom)”, before the vision quest of hallucinatory revelations are then experienced on the shaman wandering “Mescaline Tapes”. The atmospheres & environments witnessed by the unconscious take more of a role of prominence here on Sensitivity Kit as heard on “Dreemz”, “Your Love (Flesheater)”, whirling through the weirdness on “Third Eyes”, to the futuristic feels of freshness on “Weirdo Forest”. But there is a cosmic force that binds everything on the album together, as found on the prayer of “Love & Hope” ft. Tange Lomax that sets those third eye visions on the swells of light sailed on via the gentle beauty of blues & rhythms on “Shine Surfer”, that dutifully arrives upon “With Light Shooting From Our Eyes” that sends out beams of inspired illumination that offers up a little bit of sunshine for a world & nation plagued with civil squabbles, natural disasters & the threats of other international fracases looming in the wings. Sensitivity Kit is a companion therapy piece for all of us coping with the states of our worlds with a cycle of comfort & peace that is both heady & endearing at the same time. The pursuit for peace just got lifted in a lovely way.

Exclusive reflections from RBTS WIN; photographed by Jeffrey Delannoy.

RBTS WIN penned the following exclusive introductory reflections on their brand new album, Sensitivity Kit:

We started writing this album in late 2015 when you started to see more of the propaganda arise from the election. You started to see family members choosing sides and heading down those paths that now have made brothers and sisters, fathers and sons and all other family ties strained. When writing the album we were writing it from the human standpoint. That what we really need now instead of contempt for your fellow human is love and compassion. We are all in this together and the powers that be only want to drive the wedge in between us. They only want to show us our differences but in reality we are all doing the same things. We are all trying to survive. We all love our family. We wanted to show that we are all part of this human family. We all deserve love and hope.

With the “Weirdo Forest” single/video and some of the next ones we’re working on we just had Kent Hernandez follow us around on our daily routines in Asheville. Hit the record shop, hit the studio, hit the mountains and be immersed in nature. I think we spent the entire making of this record surrounded by nature. In Asheville you’re never more than a 5-10 drive from some of the most beautiful places on earth. You’re also never more than 5-10 minutes away from the most frightening places on earth, here in the South. It’s a wild juxtaposition. We wondered constantly how this place can be so beautiful and so dark at the same time. I think we were hoping to shed some of that positivity and light for whoever found these recordings. I think we did the same thing with the production on Sensitivity Kit. We let the songs breathe, we built from extremely simple places and tried to let light shine through.

RBTS WIN’s Sensitivity Kit is available now via Fevered Visions/Tidal Prism.