Week in Pop: Francie Moon, Noumenal Loom, Shelf Life

Sjimon Gompers

The rising star of Shelf Life & Scott Leitch; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Behold Gabriella Cohen’s video for “Sever The Walls” made with Kate Babyshakes off the forthcoming Remote Control/Captured Tracks album Full Closure and No Details. Cohen commands that era of classic sounds where yesterday suddenly becomes the tomorrow of today. Gabriella proves once again that she has her sights set on taking over the world; one pop hook at a time.

From Sunhaze’s upcoming Wishful Thinking album, hear their new single “Buddy” that tackles the connections between friends & the complications that can arise in-between. The San Francisco group channels their own electrical-ethereal approaches in ways that conveys all involved emotions in the most understated of ways.

I, CED just released What Are We Looking For? today from MoveNext Media and we bring you a full stream listen to the St. Louis artist’s full cycle of perceptions, searches & observations. The life pursuit & search is exhibited in beautiful production sweeps & contributions from Dotmatic, 14KT, Steven “GroWeyez” Thompson, OmMas Keith & Suzi Analog, as heard on the super smooth & fresh chill funk of “Wildest Dreams” & more. Let I, Ced elevate your weekend to the next level.

Junk Son presented us with the ambience for afterparty space via the Ghost Culture remix of “Picture” taken from the debut album Beginning, Ending, Pretending available November 4 from 37 Adventures.

Hear The Moon Baby’s EP Hollywood Killed Tara Reid produced by Wise Blood courtesy of Future Gods that kicks off with the single “Everything Is Cute to Me” that illuminates on each beat with vocal samples that illustrate the most exquisite & elated sentiments. The following single “Witch” moves like a haunted & mysterious conga line with grooves & vocals from subterranean sectors that ascend to parts unknown. Keep an ear out for more from the Moon Baby.

Honnda just released the cassette Diamonds in the Microwave via Orange Milk that will take you the most weirded out dance floors imaginable on the basis of outlandish arrangement alone. The experience that awaits you spanning from “Box Outs” to “Fuschia Philharmonic” could alter how you view dance music from here on out.

Also out now from Orange Milk, Diamond Soul (born Alex Colombo) brought us the cassette Augmented Reality that features creative cameos from Honnda, Rob Jacobs from Wei Zhongle & Rana to join in on the mind-fluttering fun that awaits the entirety of your senses. Once again proof that Orange Milk & leader Keith Rankin (oka Giant Claw) are truly on a mission to bring our audio world into the brave new dawning of tomorrow.

Lanterns On The Lake presented the world with the cinematic & sultry James Alexander Grieves video for “The Crawl” taken off the Bella Union album Beings. Intimate moments & thoughts that echo from the song are depicted in the timeless exchanges & dances of romance that are about to unfold before your very senses.

Communist Daughter shared the hog rolling Harry Reynolds video for “Roll a Stone” off the forthcoming album The Cracks That Built the Wall available October 21. The sentiments of living & embracing the life of a living & loving rolling stone biking about is depicted here.

Found off Grumbling Fur’s album Furfour available September 16 from Thrill Jockey, you are invited to witness the wild brain opening video for “Heavy Days” that the band made with Turner Prize nominee Mark Thitcher and artist Stephen Dunne from Dublin, Ireland. Grumbling Fur’s “Heavy Days” recall the weights that bring about burdens in a way where everything becomes as ephemeral as the air where furry images of GF are seen amid a collections of 3D CGI bubbles.

mc chris has a Freddy Krueger obsessed album titled mc chris is dreaming available September 30 and we have the synth-creeping single “freddy’s dead” that sounds like it could have been a Wes Craven soundtrack outtake rediscovered.

Extending the Xtreme Now experience from the universe that Prince Rama’s Nimai & Taraka Larson have been promoting along with their Carpark debut release of the same name; check out the “Your Life In The End” video that features the siblings of the now age taking flight in a sky diving saga. The life & death continuum is seen from the vantage point where existence lies somewhere in the middle between the earth and the perfect skies above.

Portland’s Balto has an album in the works that is TBD and their single “CA LUV” is full of all those warm west coast vibes to keep you warm all fall/winter long. There is something trippy about Balto, the sound of a seasoned group of artists with an extensive record collections of modern twentieth century icons & the insight to both emulate & elaborate.

Bobo Yéyé: Belle Époque In Upper Volta will be available October 28 from Numero Group and we bring you the illustrious strings, horns, and collective galloping percussion of Volta Jazz’s “Wêrê Wêrê Magne”. The showcase is on the 70s recording from the city of Bobo-Dioulasso in Upper Volta, currently known as Burkina Faso where the isolated scene can now be heard by a larger international audience, accompanied by photography from Sory Sanlé.

Sløtface helps you escape the rays of spotlights & demands of the surrounding lights in the ultra-electric-vocal super pop of “Bright Lights”. Haley Shea illustrates the inner fears & anxieties that public encounters & demands for performance bring in a completely honest manner executed in a self-aware style with clenched-fist determination. Shea described the single with the following insights:

“Bright Lights” is about escaping from things that are going on in your own head and in society in general by distracting yourself, especially from the minor and major personal issues we all have. It’s about a desire for escape, and a break from dealing with things that might seem too hard.

Get ready to get overtaken by emotion via the Cooper video for Richard Walters’ heartstring-ripping “U” that features production from Villager. The expressions & desires felt about a special someone deep in the night are observed like a game show fantasy complete with confetti & victory. In the end it turns into nothing more than just a bunch of blowing smoke.

In case you missed the buzz train, introduce yourselves to Mondo Cozmo with the single “Shine” that casts an orchestral-esque glow & shine like light through stained glass in the church of the rock & roll. It’s that gospel point of redemption, confession & shrugged devotion that makes for a head strong tambourine shaker that will inspire many to imitate their favorite over-indulgent band leader of all time.

Native Other shared the single “Palms” taken off the forthcoming debut EP available October 5 that brings northern sentiments & reflections dance & dream along with. Recorded by Simon Larochette at Sugar Shack Studio, mixed by Dale Morningstar at The Gas Station Studio with mastering of Reuben Ghose over at Toronto’s Mojito Studio where intimate exchanges & moments shared with special folks are recounted in the most splendid & romantic of expressions. Native Other introduced the new single with the following reflections:

I wrote this song about a girl I met at a friend’s party and instantly felt a connection to. It was one of those nights we’ve all had, where it’s four am and you’re two of the last people awake—talking about constellations and life in Ukraine. She had only been in Canada for two years, so there were some complications in fully understanding each other, but I was really into her and vice versa. The title “Palms” came about from how she unexpectedly fell into my life and immediately became my primary inspiration. The remainder of the EP follows the trajectory from when I met her to where I’m currently at emotionally. It became an instant band favorite and the vibe felt perfect to end the summer with. Enjoy!

With word that machineheart are releasing an album next year independently, they caught us in Medusa-esque allure of their dominating chorus title hook stomping single “Stonecold” that aims for the big-time stages with its headstrong arrangement and presence.

Get to know Kevin Abstract with the Luis Panch Perez & Henock Sileshi in conjunction with Yours Truly Creative video “Empty” that provides some flashy, arty & emotive visuals to match the lyrical out-pour. A track made with Michael Uzowuru (featured on Frank Ocean’s recent album Blonde), BLACK MONDAY & Romil Hemnani over-takes all the senses by striking every emotive nerve and then delivering the lyrical refrain that resonates with, “I love my mom, I hate my boyfriend”. Lookout for more with with word of Abstract’s forthcoming album American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story available TBD.

Introduce yourself to San Francisco’s Vandella with the single “Couldn’t Quit It” that emphasizes the more kinetic aspects of persistent catharsis found through dramatic pop. The greatest brilliance of the tracks is that every moment you think that a formula might followed, the whole arrangement is shaken up,

Embrace the here & now of the present with Black Honey’s “Hello Today”. Radical 90s-esque alt-riffs fly over head like seagulls spanning the length of their wings in flight above the rocky shores.

Watch Tkay Maidza’s Vicky Lawton directed video for “Carry On” ft. Killer Mike from her upcoming debut album TKAY available October 28 from Downtown / Interscope Records. Maidza presents her fresh, flashy & sassy styles with Killer Mike providing some support & showing some support with a verse of endorsement.

San Fermin leader Allen Tate shared the single “YDNF” (Young Dumb Numb Fun) taken from his forthcoming solo album Sleepwalker available October 28 from Votiv. Tate revels in the fancies of the present where adventures & impulses are worn plainly on Allen & company’s sleeves. Allen introduced the track with the following insights:

“YDNF” is about when you’ve been alone with your thoughts for a little too long and you finally admit that what you really need to do is something mindless, with other people. When I wrote it, I just needed it to feel like I wasn’t taking myself too seriously and maybe even admit that I just needed something fun. Whether it be a party or a concert or just going out with your friends, there is an important kind of relief that comes from losing yourself in a happy mob that we just can’t manifest all by ourselves.

Following up Tension, Girl Tears present the icy pangs of anguish found on the delightful yet devastating dissonance of “Cold Thoughts” from the upcoming album Woke Against The Tide available October 28 from Sinderlyn. The LA/OC group channels thoughts to wake, quake, rattle, rumble & roll with the mightiest bellows & blows.

Found off the upcoming album Bright Light available October 21 & we present the lyrical video for No Nets’ “Heavily On My Side”. Flashing images, effects & designs take over the backdrop while the on-screen lyrics further highlight all the humorous & human things that are working for us, along with all the frustrating things that are working against us.

Honeyblood dropped the tough & raging “Sea Hearts” from their upcoming album Babes Never Die available October 28 from FatCat Records. Stina Tweeddale takes the title of the upcoming album literally to heart that holds close the commitment & dedication to the self above all else in live & in the whole wide world.

The Black Black unleashed the blazing brutality of “Meticulous” from the Brooklyn trio’s upcoming Adjusted I, available September 30. The follow up to Boogie Nights proves to be something of a cyclone guaranteed to bust up any boogie grove you got going on the ballroom floor.

Introducing Boston’s The Dazies who are readying their Hungover And Weird EP for October 14 where M. Holland along with Kurt Schneider & company bring about the accumulated “Little Things” that collect together the things that keep us all up at night. The song appeals to that familiar barely getting by mentality that mirrors the state of the world, but with a triumphant lean toward the things that make life worth living.

Rafter Roberts sent word of his upcoming album XYZ available October 28 from Joyful Noise Recordings and you can enjoy the new lively testimonial track “You Are The Last Of Your Kind” now. An artist who has graced us with a variety of releases via Asthmatic Kitty continues to push his own sound toward more jubilant heights.

NYC’s Sporting Life gifted us with the Evan Mason & GEORGIA (Brian Close & Justin Tipp) video for “Court Vision” featuring Canadian artist Evy Jane featured off of Slam Dunk Vol II from SL’s serial EPs available through R&S/Letter Racer September 30. Evy’s late night presence & vocals punctuate the atmospheric Sporting Life production with all kinds of illustrious & illuminated life.

Peep the Javier Morales video for Kuroma’s new single “A Day With No Disaster” off the upcoming album The Dark Horse Rides Again available October 14 where all the dreamy texture & tones become animated in a wealth of effects & emotive visual elements to compliment the designs of audio dissonance.

Touring about the UK in October, hear Beezewax’s new single “So sorry” found off their Out of the window EP. The apologies are depicted with a whole lot of heart & energy where all earnest behaviors are woven into the arrangement.

Jackson Reed takes you back to the swinging & strange 60s with “Generation Vietnam” found off the The November Gales EP available October 14 from Deadplant Records. Live through the generation the older folks always told you about that you never witnessed first hand where you get to decide whether or are a part of the problem or solution; or something like that.

Our longtime reigning champions Dinowalrus just released the album Fairweather that showcases them as the group that would have signed to Creation Records if that influential imprint was still here today. Pete Feigenbaum & company blow minds by emulating late 90s Oasis/early 90s Verve on the opener “Tides”, that gets all Stone Roses madchester on “Falling To The Periphery”, keeping the dance party moving with “Plain Sight”, to the second coming messianism of “Guilty”, the big beat-dream pop of “The Payoff”, keeping the 90s alive on “Light Rain”, the new romantic revisionism of “Scarcity”, to the tital rise & fall splashes of “Final Wave”. Mancunian masters are paid tribute further with “Compass Rose”, where Mersey paradises take you to the shoegaze dance rave of “The Silent Earth”, right before you are left with “Painted Desert” that sounds like the redux of Standing on the Shoulders of Giants that we deserved. Join us after the listen for a Dinowalrus Week in Pop takeover.

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