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artwork by WooStaar.

Studio_Dad, an outfit commanded by Different Fur‘s Pat Brown dropped the new single “Can Oui” feat. Rexx Life Raj & Donna Missal mastered by Joe LaPorta mixed by Jorge Hernandez. Brown’s solo debut as a producer presents his new imprint Text Me Records, essentially a Different Fur in-house production crew & company comprised of a 15+ strong team of producers & songwriters dedicated to the creative cause. The iconic DF studio that has been a home & hub for the world’s & Bay’s best’s artists ever expands it’s influence & claims it’s identity as a musical factory that guides tomorrow, today & yesterday’s icons.
Donna Missal steals the scene, dueting with Rexx Life Raj while Pat keeps the production on an ambient & evocative level. With Rexx readying a national tour with Mr. Carmack from April-September with Donna making a name for herself across the board; the artists deal in subtlety that sets up a romantic occasion that brings to mind rose pedals, candle light & all sorts of sublime situations alluded to in the song. Producer/artist extraordinaire introduced the new track, label & more with in the following introductory preface:

A preface, an intro…
Overall the making of this track was relatively smooth, though it was a situation of a long start with a quick finish. Over the last year I started building a private production room at the studio (Different Fur Studios) as well as putting together a team of writers and producers. I’ve produced a lot of bands over the years and had a collaboration project with my buddy Rob Pera called WOOF but this instrumental started as an endeavor in doing something completely solo with a slightly Sade influenced live swing in the drums. I considered putting my own vocals over it but wasn’t sold on my abilities as vocalist so they ended up morphed into a panning distorted background instrument and then I just sat on it for around 6 months. Bobbi Rohs who writes for the Text Me Records team had written this really beautiful song over the top in one of our sessions, and while Raj was in the studio we played it for him and he took it to a whole other level keeping Bobbi’s original hook but adding the secondary hook and those verses. I started trying to think of whose voice could really deliver the feeling that had been put down in the initial demos and Donna‘s strong sultry delivery is perfect. Once we started adding real vocals the whole thing was done in a month with Nate Mercereau adding the final touches on guitar. Jorge Hernandez mixed it and Joe Laporta mastered and that was a wrap. We were releasing around the anniversary of Prince’s death and like most people I’ve always been inspired by him so the artwork (by WooStaar) is a nod to the legend. Working on a lot more so there’s more singles to come soon for sure.