Week in Pop: ETA, Mommy Long Legs, Natural Velvet

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John Fryer’s Week in Pop

The iconic John Fryer; photographed by Meredith Runswick-Mounce.

John Fryer has practically soundtracked your entire life. The artist/producer legend co-founded 4AD, This Mortal Coil, & has produced Nine Inch Nails, Dead Can Dance, Depeche Mode, DarkDriveClinic, HIM, Cradle Of Filth, This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins, etc, just dropped the Black Needle Noise single “Breathless Speechless” with Sivert Høyem & presents the following exclusive Week in Pop guest selections:

The most recent offerings from Black Needle Noise are collaborations with Bill Leeb of Front Line Assembly and Delerium. ‘A Shiver of Want’ just released this past week—it was immediately preceded by Swimming Through Dreams with dreamweaver Mimi Page, who also contributed vocals and songwriting to the latest Delerium album Mythologie. This whole project is about collaboration and the many diverse awesome things that can come of this.
With Black Needle Noise being like an octopus and reaching out to all parts of the music world and cross pollinating, I give you some of the music from the awesome singers who have joined me to become part of the BNN family—there are also many talented artists here, so I encourage you to explore more of this collaborative output at Black Needle Noise’s bandcamp.

Kite Base, “Soothe”

John Fryer at Black Needle Noise Recording Rooms in Van Nuys, California; photograph by John Fryer.

Omniflux, “Dance In Your Blood”

Self-portrait by John Fryer.

Jarboe, “Lavender Girl”

photographed by John Fryer himself.

John Fryer live in the act; photographed by Mandy Privenau.

Ledfoot, “What you Mean to Me”

John Fryer photographed by Hanna Røskaft.

Purr Machine, “Cerebellum”

On the ones & twos with John Fryer; photographed by Simon Helm.

Jennie Vee, “Lips Like Sugar”

Self-capture by John Fryer.

Colt, “Demon in the Wheels”

Dreamweaver John Fryer; photographed by Hanna Røskaft.

Mimi Page, “Obsession” (live at Seahorse Sound Studios)

John Fryer photographed by Morten Ryming.

Kirlian Camera, “Black August”

The prolific John Fryer; photograph by Hanna Røskaft.

Zia, “The Light Below”

The legend at Black Tornado Studio, Denmark; photographed by Morten Ryming.

Antic Clay, “Decades”

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