Get out of your digital house and go to Austin Cassette Fest this Saturday

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Tape Spewing for Austin Cassette Fest

In an post-Y2K world of media convergence, binary code, almost-infant coding savants and computer-based… everything, the culture of the cassette tape has gained a nostalgic foothold in the music world's (woefully niche) physical release marketplace. Stemming from the same impulse for direct connection as the DIY scene's reaction to the broken bureaucracy of the industrial-muscial complex, the need to gather in celebration of a newly-codified “cassette culture” could serve as a reminder that physical existence is something worth fighting for (like clean water or reduced emission or Future Island's artistic valor).

The dual-venue fest brings together local Austin tape labels and bands of all ilks, kicking off at noon at East Austin's Mass Gallery, where there will be a live music from the likes of Grace London, a cassette-only DJ set from The Vegetable Kingdom, plus tape trading and real live Walkmans to satisfy your hankering for a musical tangibility you could have swore went extinct in the 90s.

Later that night, the praise-be-cassette-crew moves to Cheer Up Charlie's for an after party replete with more bands and booze. Because, unlike audio technology, the relationship between live music and alchohol never changes.

Get all the finely wound magnetic details here.