Drophead vs Silent Land Time Machine, “I” (Excerpt)

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It’s North vs. South with this latest collaboration from Montreal’s Drophead and Austin-based Silent Land Time Machine, who together produced an album called From Ashes Come The Day.

The piece, “I” (Excerpt) is a four and a half minute soundscape of rich feedback and distorted tones slowly fading on to one another, reaching flowering layers of static ambience. Jonathan Slade’s (SLTM) viola extends its origin with the sounds he extracts to where the source becomes almost unrecognizable, and when the slow rhythmic guitar comes in with a melody the track takes off to the heavens as colors swirl around that inching melody.

From Ashes Comes The Day is a departure from the two artists solo projects, where SLTM’s work can be very industrial at times, serene and playful, while Drophead uses more acoustic drums and loops to find a jazzier vibe. Stream the piece below.

From Ashes Comes The Day is out October 14 on Holodeck.