Downtown Boys denounce communism

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Downtown Boys

In a stunning turn of events, sociopolitical punk band Downtown Boys are reconsidering the title of their forthcoming LP, Full Communism, after a recent swell of support has them thinking capitalism isn’t so bad after all. In a statement sent to us by their label, Don Giovanni representative Joseph Steinhardt is quoted as saying, “Victoria [Ruiz] and Joey [L DeFrancesco] are having second thoughts about communism after the recent successes of touring and merchandise sales have created a new-found appreciation for capitalism.” While the change in economic philosophy may affect the title of the band’s LP, Steinhardt added that fans needn’t worry about their commitment to touring and recording new material, though he lamented privately:

I just wish they would’ve told me before we pressed thousands of records.

When reached for comment, Ruiz and DeFrancesco were adamant that the change wouldn’t mark a major shift in their ethics and support of marginalized communities and worker’s rights, saying it was their recent trip to SxSW that made them see the potential of a not-so-free market.

“To be honest, we felt bad that websites who have supported us for two, at least three months, were forced to place an album like Full Communism next to their generous supporters’ advertisements,” Ruiz said. “It just dawned on us, if we want to be a part of this industry, we should play by the rules.”

DeFrancesco added, “When you see bands with names like Slave or Viet Cong still being able to get large guarantees from Fader, Pitchfork, Spin… even Taco Bell, it makes you wonder if we’ve been approaching it the wrong way.”

The band reiterated Steinhardt’s sentiment that this won’t change the band’s summer plans, before simplifying the message.

“We know we have something important to say, our hope is that by embracing the social classes instead of denouncing them, we can be more effective. After all, money talks. Just look at Citizens United.”

As of press time, the label and the band are still committed to releasing the album, for now titled Full Communism, on May 4.