Yuck needs a ride

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Sure, they sound a little bit like Pavement. And their LP might have fallen a tad short of our initial expectations: such is life. Perhaps their latest moving picture offering for their single “Get Away” will enrich our understanding of this nascent garage act?

Not since the time of Bastet and Anubis walking around, (just cold pulling dead people's brains out of their noses), have cats been so crucial. We can thank Yuck's guitarist for his satirical nod to those animals that shit in 4 inches of sand / acknowledge our existence when they feel like it / have so captured our hearts.

Hitchhiking is a solid (if dated) motif, and we'd give Yuck's bassist a ride if her sign was more finite and less art school thesis. Maybe “DENNYS?” Or “LYNYRD SKYNYRD CONCERT?” Besides, why pick her up when you can pick up Fabio Jr. from Aerosmith's “Crazy” video?

No, the real expert is this redhead that keeps cropping up. THAT'S how you hitchhike. She should teach a class about this sort of thing.

Canola oil isn't my first choice as lube, but the middle of the Mojave isn't the place to ask for brand-name KY Warming Sex Gelatin. You must act swiftly when approached by Hitchhiking Redhead, and Yuck's drummer does just that.

See Yuck at SXSW and congratulate them on their promotion of responsible, rich-in-Omega-3's lubricants.

03/16 Austin, TX KEXP Session @ Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop
03/16 Austin, TX Fat Possum Party @ Club deVille
03/16 Austin, TX NPR Showcase @ Stubb's
03/16 Austin, TX Paradigm OS @ Club deVille
03/17 Austin, TX Under The Radar @ Flamingo Cantina
03/17 Austin, TX Brooklyn Vegan Party @ Swan Dive
03/18 Austin, TX Pitchfork Party @ East Side Drive In
03/18 Austin, TX Noisey.com Launch Party @ Kiss & Fly
03/19 Austin, TX MOG Party @ The Mohawk