Dan Svizeny, “Close-Up U.S.A.”

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Cough Cool mastermind Dan Svizeny is now also making music under his legal name, and, like his main project, it’s pretty damn cool. “Close-Up U.S.A.” is a pop song through-and-throughjust layered under about three tons of distortionand it’s as crunchy as it is sweet, à la Dip N’ Dots. But despite its catchy hooks, there’s something a little unwholesome, even sinister, about it: take a step back and we really see Svizeny making love to himself in his New Jersey bedroom, guitar acting as lotion and those programmed beats as that poster of Cindy Crawford on the wall.

Maybe you don’t want to picture that, so we leave you with this: “Close-Up U.S.A.” is the first single off Svizeny’s debut solo album, Every Weekend, and it’s out August 19 on Forged Artifacts.