Fielded dreams up Universally Handsome music/clothing label

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When we talk about the connection between fashion and music, it’s often in the context of corporations commodifying fashion trends in niche music communities – Urban Outfitters selling priced-up versions of thrift-wave denim and camo, Alexander Wang doing a healthgoth line for H&M. But then there are also artists who take agency and create their own fashion lines, sometimes through business partnerships (Nicki x Kmart, anyone?), or through artists and musicians designing and developing their own projects on a DIY scale (perhaps most famously with Hood By Air growing out of GHE20G0TH1K). Right now that’s being done by Pictureplane with Alien Body (in collaboration with Mishka), Jheri Evans (Crash Symbols) with Forever 23, Brian Whateverer (Mind Dynamics) with Whatever 21, and soon, if the crowdfunding goes through, Fielded with Universally Handsome.

While thinking about a way to release her forthcoming album Boy Angel, Lindsay Powell, who has been making apocalyptic experimental future pop as Fielded for seven years, came up with an idea: a hybrid clothing-music label called Universally Handsome. Powell plans to use the label not just to release her own music but to facilitate collaborations between artists and designers, releasing albums as clothing and jewelry, which would be designed with the music in mind.

To make Universally Handsome a reality, Powell hopes to raise $3k on Musicraiser and is already almost 2/3 of the way there. The campaign runs until March 23.