What dudes should wear right now

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hawaiian shirt

I know what you're thinking; Hawaiian shirts? Corduroys? Graphic tees? That sounds an awful lot like 1999 and and awful lot like, well, awful. But I challenge you to look deeper, fellow fashionphiles, because these styles have the potential to go from Dave Matthews Band-lame to Jeff Spicoli levels of awesome in a matter of attitude adjustment. Or deadjustment. Whatever. I'm talking about the perpetually-late, original triple nonthreat, slacker/stoner/surfer character from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Yes, that is Sean Penn, and, yes, he is your new fashion idol.

If any of that sounds good to you then you might wanna jump on it, like, now. I've been bidding on monitoring eBay for the last few weeks (where I recently snagged these two pics), and prices are on the upswing. Though, if you act quickly and strategically, you can probably get in a winning bid before summer ends, which means you can work on evening out that jorts tan as you cruise the city and learn what it feels like to have your be-(short)shorted crotch ogled.

Or you could just go to Wal-mart, but that seems kind of douche-y.