Panda Bear played ATP, apparently

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We didn't go, opting instead to remain willfully (if not quite blissfully) ignorant to the bands or whatever that were playing in some ice rink or something. Now Panda Bear's set pops up, recorded in full, and it's a huge told-you-so to all you people who actually took a 90-minute bus treck upstate just to actually stand there and watch legendary band after legendary band perform when you could have just media-fired it. Right?

Mediafire it here. Thanks, Collected Animals.

Panda Bear live (2009, 09/11, All Tomorrows Parties, Monticello, NY) [192kbps mp3]
01 Intro / Chores
02 Guys Eyes
03 Ponytail
04 New Song 1
05 Daily Routine
06 Bros
07 #1
08 I’m Not
09 Boneless
10 New Song 2